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Enjoy cleaner air in your house at all times with the practical tips for air duct cleaning and care shared below.

Need help with improving the safety of your house and indoor air quality in particular? This is the best place on the web to get important air duct cleaning tips. Make full use of them now and in the future. Feel free to come back for more at any time.

Find out what kinds of filters your kitchen exhaust hood uses

There are two types of filters that such an appliance can use. Our specialists explain that the common grease filters are removable and washable. If the appliance circulates air as well, it must have one or more charcoal filters. These require regular replacement. Usually, this has to be done annually.

Make sure air ducts are cleaned thoroughly

You must make sure there are no visible signs of debris inside the air ducts, and that filters are free of dirt and elements. Air transferred through the ventilating system must be clean and you must feel that the indoor environment is fresh and clean. Air duct cleaning is hard according to our experts because the ducts are often long and curved.

It is a mistake to use a pressure washer for condenser unit cleaning.

When the water is released at high pressure, the flow is extremely powerful and can easily bend the coil fins. With bent coils, the outdoor HVAC unit will be much less efficient and you will have to pay much higher bills. That is why they have to be repaired on time. The coils are best cleaned with a regular hose.

Replace disposable HVAC air filters every 3 to 12 months

Set a schedule, depending on the changing frequency recommended by the manufacturer. Remove the old filter gently and insert the new one accurately.

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