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Wondering how to change your stuffy indoor environment? Find excellent air duct cleaning answers for many questions here

You will feel much better, knowing how to take care of air ducts and the HVAC system. Say goodbye to overpriced electricity bills! So, if you have questions it's best to get them answered. Take a look at the answers offered below

How common are air duct leaks?

They are usually the result of less than perfect installation of the air ducts and poor house maintenance. It is interesting to note that they are very often found in the areas where the ducts are connected to the HVAC registers. This makes sealing them a less demanding job. Still, they can be found in any section of the duct system, so a close inspection is essential.

What are the advantages of rigid metal dryer ducts?

They have a smooth surface and this reduces the rate of lint building up inside to the possible minimum. When the exhaust vent works properly, the dryer takes less time to complete its work and this helps you to save energy and money. Given that these ducts are strong and durable, you can expect them to last for a very long time. They are very easy to clean too.

Why is health affected by filthy air ducts?

When air ducts are filled with debris, air travelling through ends up in your house along with dust and often microorganisms. Such bacteria might not be harmful in the open space, but they create allergies and other problems in small places. If air ducts are cracked and there is humidity, there is also a possibility of mold growth. In this case, our experts explain that there will be more contaminants entering your house. This is why air duct cleaning is vital.

Can filters protect the air ducts from pollutants completely?

Even the best filters cannot block all dust, dirt and pollen particles, and bacteria and fungi that are circulated in the air. Some of them get released from the HVAC system, but others remain inside. This poses the need for regular cleaning of the ducts and of other components that can cause the contaminants to accumulate.

Why should my air ducts be cleaned?

Contaminants are pulled into your air ducts every day. Then they build up to become an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria, mildew and other microbes.

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