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A dirty HVAC system can have many effects. The simplest one is accumulation of dust around the house even though you frequently clean it. The vents spread the dust around, and since they are dirty, they keep circulating it. A more serious affect would be on you and your family member's health, especially kids and elders. If the air is heavily contaminated with bacteria, there could be an increase of respiratory issues and allergy symptoms. In this case, the sooner you have your air ducts professionally cleaned the better.

Air Quality Testing

Air Duct Cleaning in California

The procedure begins with taking a sample of the air. The analysis takes place in a lab. Usually, the sample is checked for all common indoor air pollutants from dust to mold. If the results for these contaminants are positive, it is important to identify their sources. Very often, they lurk in the ductwork of the HVAC system. In this case, timely cleaning is essential.

Home Air Duct Cleaning

In case an indoor air quality test has discovered that there are contaminants in the air, the HVAC system needs to be one of the first places you clean. Cleaning the duct superficially isn't enough, as a regular vacuum cleaner won't get to every corner, not to mention it can't remove mold and bacteria. Special tools, equipment and cleaning solutions must be used to clean the ducts effectively, and also to prevent future contamination.

Air Duct Repair

Gaps and holes in the ducts are among the major factors leading to heavier accumulation of contaminants. If they are found during the inspection, timely repair is required. Usually, gaps and holes can be covered and sealed. If there is major damage to the ducts, replacement is usually the better solution. Often, it is possible to replace only the affected section.

Duct Sanitizing

Special materials can be applied on the surface of the duct in order to prevent future mold, fungi and bacteria growth. It is also possible to set up UV cleansers. These devices break the microorganisms with the use of UV light emitted at short wavelengths.

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